Wednesday, May 10


tis summer starting... yet it feels so rainy inside... i'm still wondering if i can ever move on at this point... it has never come to me how losing someone important can be so void... so empty inside... it's an irreplaceable hole i think... you can only have one mother right? my mind just keep turning on its own spiral twists.

evryone says it's for her best that she had done great things in her life, raising me and my brothers alone plus working and suffering but still she kept going on for my sake, for her family's sake...

how painful can this be huh? when you know that you lost the most important person in your whole life... you will know. no words can describe it, never enough tears, full of regrets and despair.

to those who loved their mums
and be loved so dearly in return
i envy you so...
yet i'm so thankful we have been given great mothers