Friday, December 9


guys i'm going to revive the blog...
probably just to write sth down for crying out loud... i'm gradually being less and less expressive... i guess the nerd-pills i took just started to kick in...
i mean... i spent most of my days inside that ugly expensive too-f*kin-cold-to be-true tiny little room playing any games i had and watching any DVDs lying around...
for the worst part... I started to reject ppls who asked me to go out and find some chicks... i found girls in here are mostly spoiled brats who had too much sugar in their blood...
now this is the greatest part... I don't think it's quite convenient though... but I started to NOT smoking periodically...

Short Story... i hope writing something here should be (at least) cleaning up my infected head... so that at least i can do sth straight, think straight, and at least have a straight sense for ladies... C'MON!!!! Smoke is too good to reject!!!
why would you now not wanting to smoke...

"Something blissful is not always good for you... but for crying out loud... you still alive! so be grateful for it! cause it was blissful enough to stay alive!"
- Rendezvouz avec - Siethology Chapter One


Blogger RentZ scanned:

yes i'm back..although i still have dont much time to think and write :P..

yes, enjoy what you have! how is indo?
xmas here is commercial, it almost made me forgot what xmas really is. :(

5:50 AM  
Blogger b.e.x.i.s.h scanned:

yokko stopped smoking?? :0 -- icon ga percaya di YM.. huahaha..
mari! dihidupkan kembali blognya :P at least that's 1 thing that's been keeping me sane here.. lol XD


6:05 AM  
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