Wednesday, May 4

time to move on

... it was then i wanted to look for a job...
while i was looking for it around my network and my bros' networks, my friend 'cebonk' asked me if i'd like to try the enrollment test in his faculty wondering if i can still study what i really like... computers. Then he bought me the enrollment form and so my mom agreed and let me take the test first.

so the day of the test came... i hardly studied since i hardly remember anything about maths and ppkn (citizenship in indonesian curricullum) but 50% of the test was about to be on those subjects... the other 50% was english and logical questions. it was a 100-question test that i needed to do in 2 hours.

after the test, i came home and told my mom i didn't do about 20% of the test and i think it should be enough for me to be accepted. oh yeah... the test result also determined the amount of enrollment fee on the university. so then i cannot really say anything about the test to my mom... i did what i could.

two weeks after the test they published the result on the internet. it was just a normal afternoon for me... i connected to the internet and then opened the univ's website and saw that my test number was on the list. Phew... i'm glad i'm in...
but then after i read through the pages... i thought it was my imagination but... wasn't it my name written there...


i stopped for a while... i re read the sentence on top of my name... then i kept thinking... it seems so vague... so bizarre... so i checked my enrollment form and... yes... it was my name...

i just jumped out of my chair, opened my door and run bustling to my mom saying "SCHOLARSHIP!" (in Indonesian of course), then i also dropped at my bro's shop and yelled the same thing... i kept running around and jumping... i rushed to my phone to tell this to my friends 'keonk' and 'cebonk' and they was as much surprised as i am...

it felt like a dream... it hit me hard in the head... i had never ever imagined that this would happened to me... me... a dork, lazy-ass, freak-bastard me... i had never ever studied for anything... it was too troublesome to do... moving pens and reading stuff...

so that brings now to me... a new spirit in life... my very first goal in my life... is to graduate with a diploma and a scholarship. it may sounds stupid like i said before... but it is the only thing i wanted to do right now before anything else... before ANYTHING else...
it's already time to move on... my age is not limitless... there are things i wanted to do after this... still a long way through... a very very long way through...


siethology - Chapter One
"what we pursue in life, what we seek, and what we wanted the most... may not be the best for us. But who is to decide what is best for us? What we earned, even though it might not be the best, might be the greatest gift we had, or the best tribute to our life... because if you are alive till this very moment... you should be grateful" - sietho 2004 New Year's Resolution

siethology - Chapter Two
"the reason of existence... the raison d'etre is nevertheless a confusing part in our life. Whether we have to subdue life by making abundant amount of money... or by having a good wife and raising children... or even by fulfilling our very "dream" whatever it may be. As we stumbled into life, people, all things that happened in the world might just be either the slightest effect or like a meteor hit that turns our life around. To walk in the same line is utterly impossible... what I must have... what I cannot lost... is the reason to live... is to walk that very line set before us... by whosever power... so that whatever I pick along the process become my follies and trophies... including the feeling and the experience, the kiss, the hug, the madness, the troubles, the tears... and most of all... the connection" - after my newborn nephew Evarel


Blogger ditz scanned:

yoko!!! so PROUD OF YOU!!!!

3:09 AM  
Blogger b.e.x.i.s.h scanned:

there you go.. ur second chance to have it again :) (ktnya klo mau ngulang univ, mau dikerjain yg bner :P hihihihi.. --> read it sumwhere from ur posted bulletin)
good luck and we'll still be here whenever u need us..

muach2.. v(^-^)v

12:41 AM  
Blogger RentZ scanned:

congrats yok..!!!
i'm really touched reading that :p
but again!! HOERRAA...

8:12 PM  
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