Wednesday, May 4


to start with... i'd tell you guys that i am officially student of the Surabaya University on the Technical Faculty majoring at Information Technology.

for you guys who've known me in NL... i guess you guys realized that computer is what i'm handy with... and thanks God He let me fix my past mistake in choosing my previous major... you guys may think i'm the normal stud in learning communication management thingies... i did my homework, read the book, listened to the lecture and worked in the project group... but during those two years of eight practices... i lost my figures and motivation... i started to doubt my own choice... and when it came to working in the agency as intern... i simply stalled and stopped on the way... and while i'm thinking of the expenses i had to pay for the sake of studying in NL I began to count the gain and loss of this journey to NL... thus it came to my mind... the point where i think it's pointless to study something you don't like and somewhere too far away and expensive to be PLUS the crappy school i am trapped with... so i decided to call it off... at that moment i was thinking of working as a web designer with my limited knowledge... i was sure i could trap some of my friends to teach me tricks in designing website... then time flies... i quit the job, quit the school and started to look for work... in the free time i accepted a job to teach some elementary kids English. Then my mom asked me if i really want to quit studying and start to work... I said I'm sure. I then told her that I will continue study with my own cash and proves to her that I am able to gain a diploma (it may sound strange but i really want to make her proud by having a diploma... since none of my two older bros finished their studies - they got married and gave me 4 nephews already). So it was then settled... i would find a job to save money for studying...

to be continued (i wanna watch football! :p it's LVP - CHE for Champions Cup's sake!

PS: I'm gonna start the TagBoard again... so you can "again" leave me msg there...

PS: Praise the Lord for my newborn nephew.. dated 01 May 2005 10.00 PM "Evarel"

"May the utmost blessings and merciful salvation of the Lord be the guide in his life and in the mortal sins he may rise with redemption like the son of God, Jesus Christ. He shall be the light in the darkness of the world. He shall be the cure of the forsakened mind. He shall be the love for the hateful heart. He shall be loved and protected as he will protect and love those who resigned the way of evil... salvation came with our love for each other" - Sietho's Salvation of Love May 4th 2005


Blogger RentZ scanned:

huei yok..
you are really not coming back? :'(

but still, good for you to consider all the things and made your own decision!
i dont know if i can ever do that (as you know i'm indecisive..)
wish you loads of success!! and keep in touch with us here in Holland!!

4:13 PM  

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