Wednesday, April 13

Temporary Disengagement

2nd entry in such a long time

yo dudes! wassup... though i havnt checked in for a while... just wanna tell you guys i'm fine and sound alike in my lovely room :p here I am in my hometown buzzing off and just have enough sanity to keep myself alive... hehehe

though I did have some great news... I had a scholarship for my entry at Ubaya University in the Information Technology department... which frees me from paying the enrollment fee and the monthly fee... phew!

talking about saving some cash... to tell you the truth I don't even study for the damned test... thus made me wonder how in hell did i get the damned scholarship... well my guess is that if not the stupid generations then the university is a crappy one... but hell with it cause the Faculty is acreditted A = the highest.

phew but anyway... i'm really glad i made this choice... the choice to leave NL and start anew in here... not only the scholarship, but the curricullum is also renewed... which means i am not wasting my time for something everyone knows... i really hope that this shit i'm gonna learn is going to help me to get some cash... i'm kinda tired wasting my old butt lying around at home and doing useless craps... but oh well... life is much much more fun if you have something that made cash.

but oh well...
i'm going to catch up anytime soon about my study... i hope all but the best though...