Wednesday, November 3

Human's Favorite

today I want to discuss something that might bother some peeps I knew... smoking...
as one of the largest cause of lung cancer, heart attack, pregnancy failure and sexual impotence, smoking is an act of burning the tip of cigarette and then absorb the smoke at the other end with/without a filter. The cigarette, which are composed of tobacco and many other spices (depending on the type and the brand itself), are producing a recognizable scent of burnt tobacco. The effects along with it are nicotine and other dangerous chemical matters. Yet... it was one of the most selling products in the world.

Since I lived my childhood with my pop and my 2nd bro smoking all the day... I did not really bother people's smoking or the fact that I am passively smoking too... I mean without being a passive smoker, you are already "smoked" in this dense Carbondioxide air of large cities in Indonesia... to tell the truth I'd rather be in a room with 10 smoking people rather than being out there with 1 bus in my face blasting its exhaust smoke... if you compare those... the exhaust smoke are even more dangerous...

However, people who are against smoking are always picky about smokers such as myself... I smoke cause I wanted to... if they ask

XX: "what good comes from smoking?"
I : "I am good with smoking"
XX: "How can that be? you'd only die sooner through smoking..."
I : "That's the whole point"
XX: "?! you wanted to die sooner? But you also cause the other to die sooner... don't you respect their choices?"
I : "Now wait... I did not want to die sooner... or later! It's all in God's hand. I smoke cause I wanted to... didn't we get the freedom to choose? Is there anywhere in God's teaching against smoking? I know that the Bible said 'You must take care of your body cause it is the House of God' but I took care of my body... after I took care of the others... and about if other people die sooner, I had done my best to avoid non-smokers while smoking... if they still die sooner, then it must be fate. Face it you cannot deny a will from a human with another will... it's quite the same with blocking freedom, it's the same as aggression of right... we have the very right to give the cigars factories' labours the chance to earn his life, and the right to grant the tobacco farmer the chance to grow his children. You might think it's a lame reason... but please think about them... cigars factories are one of the most employing factories and they are only slightly affected by monetary inflation. Do think about that!"

But for Indonesians... they'd rather have a sinist look on smoking women... now for this one I understand them... Smoking women aren't so popular in this culturally-bound country... they are considered "naughty", b*tch, etc etc... cause this culture view them as being too "Westernized" or hang out in night clubs, cafes, and many other sinful yet profiting places... there's nothing we can do about it...

Now to end this... I have this one theory of why some people wanted to smoke so badly... if you think again from the chronology of humans...

Baby: Love to suck on mom's tits for milk, or dots
Child: Love to suck candy or lollipop
Teen: Love to suck drink from a straw or even worse suck from the bottle... students are found sucking their pens/pencils while thingking... some teens also started to suck p*n*s for work (susu OSIS) or suck a burning cigar to be a sooner grown up
Adult: They sucked! and they smoke... they suck almost everything... they're the worst one...
Grannies: They have this suckable thingy made of plastic... or their own fake teeth... some grannies still smoke too (which are against the theory of life-everlasting of the non-smokers)

that's my defense for you who curse smokers... we maybe wild, have the courage to choose, but we have the right for it... we have the nature to do it... it's human... it's OUR WILL!!! and it's Human's Favorite too... destroying their own lives...


Blogger RentZ scanned:

hi pal, thanks for your encourage on my GVB tragedy..^_^. Anyway, the day after I got checked again and this time I brought my abonnement. so i thought: HA HA.
About your blog: Human's Favorite. You got my point there. good job. totally agree. I've never imagined myself as a smoker, but still I am.
And yep, I wont try smoking in public place in Indo anymore, I've experienced that uncomfortable look from people.
Do you have any interest in quitting ?
I have tried for a few times, but I cant. I cant because I dont want to. at least not yet.
am still enjoying every moment with that naughty little thing! :D

Also do you know that next year in Europe, the new cigarettes package will have photos on it. Not only those big letters "Roken is dodelijk"..but the pics of what happens to our bodies when we smoke.. scary. really.

I guess, we smokers are on our own, soon.

8:08 PM  

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