Monday, November 8

20 years old me...

Finally!!! after 20 years of crap-shitting, money-wasting, and game n' stuff... I am officially, legally 20 years old. As seldom as I got birthday cakes, tis year anniversary is the same as the ol' days... I congratulate myself, watch TV, play GTA:SA, do some laundry, do some dishes and stuff... I'd always had this normal day as my birthday... I prefer to anyway tho... cause many people might not be so fortunate to celebrate their birthdays... I just wanted to empath with 1/3 of this world who are in disease, poverty, hunger, and other miserable condition that prevent them from having a joyful day celebrating their birthdays...

All my fams congratulate me, Bee n' Val too (they're my siblings :p) so did Alice n Peggy my buddies from High School, and Iwan my ol' Junior High pal, and Cebonk my fuckin bro for life... I was kinda glad tho... they'd still remember my b'day after 2 years prolly thanks to their birthday alarms :p but thanks guys... I appreciate it a lot...

as referring to Ri2's blog last thursday bout recognizing who packed your parachute... I'd say you guys made me the way I am now... without you guys life might be different... might be better or worse but I hold no regrets... thank you for this familihood and friendship.. nothing last forever but I sure hope this relationship do ;) to be a friend, a son, a certain person who played one role or another in your life... I am fortunate enough

With all the love I had... Thank you
and Happy Birthday the 20th for myself... and for Adjie in Holland and Anton wherever you are ;)
Happy Birthday 20th for Novie - 1st Nov
Happy Birthday 21st for Alice - 2nd Nov
Happy Birthday 20th for Iwan - 3rd Nov
Happy Birthday 20th for Ius - 5th Nov
;) Let's have a merry happy birthday

I picked the chocolate one cause I love chocolate as I believe most of you guys too..


Blogger RentZ scanned:

i guess i'm late..
but have a happy belated birthday!!
May the past years of your life will be the worse of your future years..
(hmm..confusing I guess. I just meant may the good things keep coming)
Sukses kerjanya..sukses love lifenya..sukses main gamenya(very important,rite? hihi)
and come back quickly, we should spend more time here..
long live the smokers ! :p

4:07 PM  
Blogger ::Nia:: scanned:

Happy birthday!!
aku tau ultahmu nov, tapi aku lupa tanggalnya. maafin aku ya!!! aniwe,.. thanks for reading my blog. kamu juga, keep writing bro!!
gmn ultah? cerita ya!!!
sorry baru bisa email2 skrg.
eh forum hoinho sepi ya! hehhehehe
ok d, gitu dulu
God bless you, bro


8:16 PM  

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