Tuesday, July 27


I was supposed to work today but alas... our time allowances have been cut!!! (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!). Sobs... now I get to work four days only...
(Bad Boy! u're here to study!)... anyway got a severely bad news today that I did not pass VirCon Phase 2 from that horribly long project!!! wtf!!! then I hunted down my grade administrator Mrs. Delft and the coordinator for the project Mr. Pieneman! Shot them both in the head. Kinda rough eh? kiddin...

anyway... today's GunBound is kinda funny. I learned a new word: "Puta!" which in Spanish mean Biatch! or a prostitute. OMG! GunBound nowadays sucked like hell. Lotsa stupid people from Latins and Filipins or Vietnamese. DISASTER! talking of things that holy... GunBound is kinda cute esp. when you play solo and the triceratop... awww... so cute!!!!!!!!

hehehehe so today's topic is GunBound since I played it for the whole day
Nitezzz ppl!

Friday, July 23

no title

midnight entry:
working has been very quite lately... either in the restaurant or in the take-away shop... which is the very reason why I hate these works again... I mean what are you gonna do when you have no clients to serve? I know they are stupid sometimes and pissing you off for some stupid idiotic reasons. but still... w/o them, your boss wouldn't need you... ->Spiderman 2. 1st Chapter (Spizzaderman) "Promise is a promise"

but then again come to think again... who cares if job sucks, the money didn't suck right? even through you normally get your money sucked for phone bills, house rents, new phones, new clothes... DAMN!!! it hurts a lot when you think of that right? exceptionally you unlucky people who are rich since birth and had to sleep to get your money!!! ARGH!! how I wish I were rich...

Somebody Shot me Please!

good night!