Saturday, June 26


pagi yg super ga jelas... masa bangun2 ada valent di sebelahku :p
namanya juga suami istri ;) ups... sensor*

terus makan... abis kenyang tidur lagi (garing yah)
mana kerja lagi... fuuuh rasane dino iki muales poll arep kerjo... gak ngerti pengen turu enak nang omah wae rosone (kebo)

anyway... work's quite okay... not much of a trouble... enjoyable busy time
pick a fight with the chef and joke around :p

trus pulang kerja... jalan kaki sampe waterloo (duh malese) mana perancis kalah lagi (WTF!) EuroScore ARGH!!!

sampe rumah kepengen mandi tp takut kamar mandi ne sek bau... syukurlah valent dan bea udah mandi :p jadi saya bisa lama dikit ;)
anyway abis mandi trus ngejar2 utopia lagi soale diseneni ambe konco2 KD ra ono defense e... alhasil got few attacks on my new prov :(
things went well on Genesis server...

trus mari gitu nonton Full Metal Alchemist dari 16 - 2x (mbuh lali sesuk didelok meneh)

dan terus memutuskan untuk tidoer doeloe :p

Friday, June 25

Q1 Euro

i finally woke up at 1 PM... it's like morning to me tho. I can hardly tell the difference cause of the cloudy day... but alas... the stomach need some treats.
After frying some sausage and add some tuna, eat with bread, warming up the "Bacang" i got a week ago... then i had lunch.
then again i missed my morning kiss :( she went to school already... and i'm off with my Utopia stuff where I miscounted my GC and forgot to train my army in the WoL Server(WTF!)... but then again... I'm not really pro at this kinda game... might as well give it up...

Tell you guys... this game is kinda cool and stuff... but it took your life :p (you need to check em every 12 hours and that cost you 10 minutes or more...) I have two accounts, then it takes 20 minutes of my 12 hours and that cost 40 minutes per day which means in a month I will spent 20 hours for that game...

Working is kinda fast today since I woke up late today... and i met this freaking bitch telling me that I'm crazy selling her a white rice for 1.37 euro (which I'm quite sure it was on the pricelist)

then again the European Championships 2004
Live Score on EU2004
that 1st goal was absolutely unexpected. the 3rd minute and England scored...
till the end of the half i thought English was winning it...
after I got home... 1-1
DAMN! (i believe in Portugal tho)
it's just I hate Extra Times and Penalty Deathmatch...
then the extra time...
Portugal scored on '110 through Costa's shot outside the box
My heart stopped once coz i thought it was a golden goal match...
but it's not... and the match proceed...
2-1 for Portugal and English are losing its defenses... 5 MINUTES!
GOAL!!! That Lampard matey surely got some skill! My heart stopped again... this time my face turned red and i breathe really fast and hard... Bee said she was about to cry :p
poor Bee...

hehehehe anyway the penalty shot...
English first (EF) and the number 7 shoot... WTF!! Beckham MISSED!!!
more scores... then it comes to Costa... SHOOT!! MISSED!! WTF!!!! (so unexpressional)
then the minute Vassell came... I knew he was gonna miss... He has to miss for my heart's sake...
and VOILA!

Portugal Go the SemiFinal

I was kinda glad tho... they made some heavy attacks to the English... They deserve that victory... but truely It was the EC final 2004 match... it has to be it... (cross-finger for Portugal and Cekoslovakia)

and then I went to Utopia again, do some chat, do some blogs...

memorizing HTML

finally after so long I really have to remember all those stuff from period 4!!!

The holy: "wtf is HTML!"
  • how to put bullets
  • how to bold
  • how to italic
    1. how to put numbers
      1. how to put numbers in numbers

    damn hard!
  • Friday, June 18

    Being an everyone's sweetheart

    she's cute
    she's smart
    she's nice to everyone
    she's always smiling

    she got a cute pair of cheek
    she got a sharp pair of eyes
    she got a tender heart
    that always soften the person inside...

    i wanna be inside that heart
    but fortunately i have been in another's